Day Twenty-Nine: Enough

Day 29: In the epilogue, I talk about how the journey to “enough-ness” is never complete. Talk about your own journey to enough-ness, and how you’ve learned to embrace who you are, flaws and all. I’ve always wondered who came up with the idea of individuals being enough in life. I think we’re all internally drivenContinue reading “Day Twenty-Nine: Enough”

Day Twenty-Eight: My Happy Ending

Day 28: Also in Chapter Twenty, I talk about what my own “Happy Ending” looks like now, after everything I’ve learned. What does YOUR Happy Ending look like? In love and in life? When I stop and take a second to really look back on my life, I realize that I’ve never truly had aContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight: My Happy Ending”

Day Twenty-Seven: Let It Be

Day 27: In Chapter Twenty, I talk about how I finally learned to “Let It Be.” Talk about what these three words mean to you. What does “letting it be” look like? How do you practice just “letting it be”? When I think of the words “let it be,” I think of peacefulness. Stillness. Calmness. AlsoContinue reading “Day Twenty-Seven: Let It Be”

Day Twenty-Six: Gone Too Soon

Day 26: In Chapter Nineteen, I share the story of a dear friend who took her own life. Talk about how suicide has touched your life or the life of someone dear to you. I don’t know of many people in this world who haven’t been personally affected by suicide in some way, shape, or form.Continue reading “Day Twenty-Six: Gone Too Soon”

Day Twenty-Five: Chasing Faith

Day 25: In Chapter Eighteen, I become a “Church Chaser”! 🙂 Share your own story of faith. Your beliefs, your journey to find a church or place of worship, and how believing in a higher power has impacted your life. I’ve always considered myself to be a religious and faithful person. I was brought up in the CatholicContinue reading “Day Twenty-Five: Chasing Faith”

Day Twenty-Four: Moving On

Day 24: In Chapter Seventeen, I talk about “Moving On,” metaphorically and literally. Discuss a time when you found the courage to move on from a toxic situation, relationship, or environment. The last two years of my life have literally been a phase in which I’ve been moving on. I’ve stated before how toxic parts ofContinue reading “Day Twenty-Four: Moving On”

Day Twenty-Three: Quarter of a Century

Day 23: Today is my 40th birthday! Write about a milestone or significant birthday. Somehow, I’ve made it twenty-eight years in this world. It’s weird to think that I will soon only have one year left in my twenties. I used to think that I would have a lot more of my life figured out byContinue reading “Day Twenty-Three: Quarter of a Century”

Day Twenty-Two: Learning to Let Go

Day 22: In Chapter Sixteen, I discuss “Why We Cling to People Who Don’t Love Us.” Talk about a time when you clung to someone who didn’t love you, why you think you had such a hard time letting go, and how you finally tapped into your inner “enough-ness” to walk away. I used to alwaysContinue reading “Day Twenty-Two: Learning to Let Go”

Days Nineteen and Twenty: Apologies and Loss

Okay, so I’ve fallen behind on the You Are Enough 30 Day Blogging Challenge. So, now I’m going to take my best shot at catching up on the last three days. I thought about combining all posts into one, like I have before, but it doesn’t seem like all of these topics particularly flow wellContinue reading “Days Nineteen and Twenty: Apologies and Loss”