Day Twenty-Three: Quarter of a Century

Day 23: Today is my 40th birthday! Write about a milestone or significant birthday.

Somehow, I’ve made it twenty-eight years in this world. It’s weird to think that I will soon only have one year left in my twenties. I used to think that I would have a lot more of my life figured out by this point, but I’ve realized that I’m not meant to have it all figured out. Plans change, and I let go of sticking to mine a long time ago. The thought of getting one year closer to thirty used to scare me a whole lot more than it does now, but I plan on making my twenty-ninth year one of my best yet.

Since I’m not quite near my next birthday, I’d like to reflect on one of my previous birthdays that was pretty memorable. I’m not typically one to make a big deal about my birthday. I’m such an introvert, and I’ve never liked being the center of attention. Honestly, I absolutely hate it, and it stresses me out. I don’t celebrate the whole month or anything like that. If it falls on a weekday, I’ll go to work, just like it’s any other day. To celebrate, I usually just like to do a small birthday dinner with family and friends. On occasion, I may make a weekend out of it – usually for a milestone birthday. Although I live in Tennessee now, I was born and raised in a town right outside of New Orleans. So, I am most definitely a Nola girl through and through. With that being said, my birthday almost always falls around Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl – two things that I really do love. So, I haven’t minded incorporating those into my birthday celebrations throughout the years.

To date, I’d say the most memorable birthday for me was definitely my twenty-fifth birthday. It was a milestone, and I enjoyed it a lot. I went to dinner with my family that Friday night at Tommy’s Cuisine in the city. One of my best friend’s birthday is the day before mine. So, we celebrated together, just like we always do. My friends, sister, and I spent the rest of the weekend playing tourists in Nola. My mom got us a hotel room in the Warehouse District, so we were in good walking distance to all of the things that we wanted to do. Mind you, I literally did get stuck in traffic right outside of the hotel, due to a parade that was lining up to start, but that’s the kind of thing you just grow accustomed to in the city. It gave us all a good laugh. Anyway, we shopped along the River Walk, strolled throughout the city, caught some parades on Canal Street, went to Fulton Alley for the evening, and ended the night going out at different bars in the area. It turned out to be a pretty fun birthday weekend, and it’s definitely one that I haven’t forgotten.

My next milestone birthday will be my thirtieth, but I still have some time to figure out how I’ll want to celebrate that one. In the meantime, I’m just going to be grateful for making it this far in life and cherish all the time that I have now. Age is just a number, and I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and live the best life you’ve ever imagined for yourself.

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