To The Woman Who Is Just Trying To Love Herself

This is for the woman who feels like she’s never enough. For the woman who can’t stop asking herself when she’ll get the weight off. For the woman who’s questioning if she’ll ever find her soulmate. For the woman wondering if she’s a good wife, mother, sister, or daughter. For the woman pining for thatContinue reading “To The Woman Who Is Just Trying To Love Herself”

A Look Back on What 2018 Taught Me

As I look back on this past year, I feel nothing but pure gratitude. A true, sincere form of gratitude unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. When I allow myself to explore this particular feeling deeper, and I reflect on all the things that happened throughout this last year, I realize just how much I’veContinue reading “A Look Back on What 2018 Taught Me”

Ten Things Life Will Teach You When You Finally Choose To Let Go Of Your Past

1. You will find a happiness within yourself that will never be found within another person or life circumstance. For so long, we’ve grown accustomed to looking for happiness in relationships, careers, living situations, etc. The bottom line is that true happiness can only be found within you, at the root of your very core.Continue reading “Ten Things Life Will Teach You When You Finally Choose To Let Go Of Your Past”

Day Thirty: Becoming Whole

Well, I’ve made it to the very last day of this 30 day blogging challenge! To be honest, I’ve surprised myself. I thought I’d give up halfway through. I’ve never written everyday in a consistent manner like this, but I’ve come to realize that I really do enjoy it. It’s so incredibly therapeutic to me,Continue reading “Day Thirty: Becoming Whole”

Day Twenty-Nine: Enough

Day 29: In the epilogue, I talk about how the journey to “enough-ness” is never complete. Talk about your own journey to enough-ness, and how you’ve learned to embrace who you are, flaws and all. I’ve always wondered who came up with the idea of individuals being enough in life. I think we’re all internally drivenContinue reading “Day Twenty-Nine: Enough”

Day Twenty-Eight: My Happy Ending

Day 28: Also in Chapter Twenty, I talk about what my own “Happy Ending” looks like now, after everything I’ve learned. What does YOUR Happy Ending look like? In love and in life? When I stop and take a second to really look back on my life, I realize that I’ve never truly had aContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight: My Happy Ending”

Day Twenty-Seven: Let It Be

Day 27: In Chapter Twenty, I talk about how I finally learned to “Let It Be.” Talk about what these three words mean to you. What does “letting it be” look like? How do you practice just “letting it be”? When I think of the words “let it be,” I think of peacefulness. Stillness. Calmness. AlsoContinue reading “Day Twenty-Seven: Let It Be”

Day Twenty-Six: Gone Too Soon

Day 26: In Chapter Nineteen, I share the story of a dear friend who took her own life. Talk about how suicide has touched your life or the life of someone dear to you. I don’t know of many people in this world who haven’t been personally affected by suicide in some way, shape, or form.Continue reading “Day Twenty-Six: Gone Too Soon”