Day Twenty-Seven: Let It Be

Day 27: In Chapter Twenty, I talk about how I finally learned to “Let It Be.” Talk about what these three words mean to you. What does “letting it be” look like? How do you practice just “letting it be”?

When I think of the words “let it be,” I think of peacefulness. Stillness. Calmness. Also a little touch of surrender mixed with acceptance. Letting it be can encompass so many different things, and it can be applicable to many facets of life. Yet, how often do we struggle with actually letting things be?

You get in an argument with someone, and you should just let it go, but you don’t. You get angry for some kind of bad situation life has thrown at you, and you should let that be, but you don’t. Instead, you cling onto the emotions that you’re feeling right in that very moment because it doesn’t make much sense to you to feel anything else, right? I’ve been there a time or two in life. Coming to terms with things is not always easy. I surely used to struggle with letting things go and letting things be. That’s not a secret at all. However, I firmly believe that I never would’ve learned the significance of letting it be without the disappointments I’ve faced in my past.

Sometimes, we just have to trust that God and the universe, they both have our backs all the time, even when we don’t think they do. This is something that I’ve come to find more and more in recent years. There are moments in my life now when I’ll find myself getting stressed or anxious about something going on in my life, and it makes me feel so uneasy. I don’t like it. So, I’ll take a deep breath, close my eyes, and just try to get my mind to relax for a little bit. It usually helps. Meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, journaling, writing, reading, having good, genuine conversations with family and friends…these are all the things that help to keep my mind at ease when I feel overwhelmed. When I need to be reminded to just let it be. I can’t control everything in my life, no matter how hard I try to. Little by little, I’m growing more accepting of that, and I’m becoming more open to just letting it be.

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