Days Thirteen and Fourteen: Surviving

I missed posting for the blog challenge yesterday. It was a busy day, and by the time I finally sat down to try and write last night, my eyes just couldn’t stay open, nor could my brain formulate any reasonable thoughts. So, now I will attempt to combine the topics from the last two daysContinue reading “Days Thirteen and Fourteen: Surviving”

Day Twelve: Rock Bottom

Day 12: In Chapter Nine, I hit “rock bottom.” Talk about your own rock bottom moment, and how you found the strength and the courage to rise. Since I’ve already spoken in depth about the biggest rock bottom moment in my life so far, I won’t go into anymore detail about it. At this point, youContinue reading “Day Twelve: Rock Bottom”

Day Eleven: Refusing to Settle

Hi Friends. I’m now on Day 11 of the You Are Enough 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and man, I’m realizing that some topics are much easier to write about than others. Some of them just come to me, and others take a lot of thought and soul searching. Some honestly make me a little bitContinue reading “Day Eleven: Refusing to Settle”

Day Ten: Emotional Battles

Day 10: In Chapter Seven, I talk about my experience with spiraling into clinical depression. Talk about your own experiences with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health struggle. If you haven’t been affected personally, share your insights into how you stay mentally healthy. It’s no secret that I’ve been through my fair share of emotionalContinue reading “Day Ten: Emotional Battles”

Days Eight & Nine: Have a Little Faith

Since I missed yesterday of the #YouAreEnough 30 day blogging challenge, I figured I would just combine the last two days into one post. So, here we go with Days 8 and 9… Day 8: Also in Chapter Five, I talk about unanswered prayers and how they can often be the biggest blessings in disguise. ShareContinue reading “Days Eight & Nine: Have a Little Faith”

Day Seven: A Letter to My Younger Self

Day 7: In Chapter Five, I write a letter to a past version of myself to share with her the struggles she would soon face. Write a letter to a past version of yourself, at any time in your life, letting her know that whatever is up ahead for her, she is ENOUGH to handle it.Continue reading “Day Seven: A Letter to My Younger Self”

Day Six: An Old Soul

Day 6: In Chapter Four, I share my journey of “Looking for Love,” and how a dating app helped shake up my romantic life. Share your thoughts about online dating or an experience you had while doing online dating that made an impact on your life. Looking for love is not something that I’ve ever reallyContinue reading “Day Six: An Old Soul”

Day Five: A Lesson in Losing

Day 5: In Chapter Three, “Your Life Will Be Different, But It Will Be Amazing,” I talk about how life can be beautiful again, even after unimaginable loss. Share a time when you faced unimaginable loss, and how you came to realize that you were ENOUGH to handle it. Losing things in life is quiteContinue reading “Day Five: A Lesson in Losing”

Day Four: When I Heard the News

Day 4: In Chapter Two, a phone call one Monday morning changed the course of my entire life and my family’s lives. Share a time that you received life altering news, good or bad, and how it impacted your life. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first semester of my freshmanContinue reading “Day Four: When I Heard the News”

Day Three: Losing Dreams and Finding Strength

Day 3 Blogging Challenge: share a time you felt lost, and how you got “found.” I’ve gotten lost and found quite a few times throughout my life. I’ve talked about some of those experiences in previous blog posts, but for those who haven’t read anything about my story, I’ll talk about one of them here.Continue reading “Day Three: Losing Dreams and Finding Strength”