They take what isn’t theirs.

They’re careless and non-remorseful.

Vulchers eager for a quick fix,

no repercussions for their actions,

Or for the chaos they cause.


Yet, the victim is the one who suffers.

One who stays silent out of fear.

The critics will arise.

Voice their opinions about what should’ve been done.

As if they know the real truth.

but, they don’t.


They’re living in glass houses throwing stones.

Unwilling to understand a reality that isn’t theirs.

The truth is hard to face these days.

It’s easier to avoid anything that comes close to being unbelievably real.

Anything that forces efforts of deep thinking.

A thinking that isn’t recycled.

Thinking that actually involves searching the soul.

One that requires being a decent human being.


The critics?

Oh, they will fade in time.

As will the vulchers.

After all, they have to live with themselves.


Yet, the victim.

The victim will always rise,

and share the real truth.


And at last, the world will listen.

Published by La Bella Vita

Small Town Girl | Born in the Boot Inspire. Embrace. Believe.

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